Reviewing your mortgage arrangements can save you money, giving you cash to spend on projects closer to your heart - renovations, investment property for the future and other purchases.

There are many reasons people want to refinance their mortgage, but often they are reluctant to do so because they believe that it is too hard or because they believe there is a loyalty to the bank. Some of the reasons for wanting to change banks include;

• The bank does not value me as a customer

• The bank is not offering me a good deal – interest rates and fees are too high

• The bank will not provide me with what I want

• I have no relationship with any staff there

These may all be valid reasons for wanting to refinance your mortgage and change banks, but it is important to discuss these with your Mortgage Ladies and Co adviser first to ensure that the bank that you refinance to will be able to offer you what you want.

Mortgage Ladies & Co advisors will establish costs, if any, of changing your mortgage.  Find out the best deal they can negotiate for you and then work out what is the best financial decision for you.  Sometimes it may be best to stay with your current provider and other times it makes total financial sense to change.  If it is better for you to stay with your current bank, then the advice will be to stay and your Mortgage Broker will contact you again in the future when your mortgage arrangements need to be assessed again.

If you can save money by changing your loan, you will receive advice on how to structure your future loans to save even more money and reduce the overall term of your mortgage.  There is also the opportunity to negotiate cash lump sums which you can put towards reducing your mortgage, making mortgage payments for a few months or towards something closer to your heart. 

Make life easier by having one of our team of advisers provide you with the options and solutions specifically for you and your situation.